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Social Media Optimization is utilizing social media networks to improve an organization’s online presence. It is used widely to highlight updates of products or services offered by the company. SMO (Social Media Optimization) Course is one of the popular Digital Marketing courses recently. You can excel in this field by creating beautiful design work and using the right strategies through online marketing campaigns. SMO and SEO are a bit similar in goals like generating web traffic & improving the awareness of an organization’s website. But, SEO is the process of enhancing the quality & quantity of a site’s traffic by increasing the visibility of a webpage to users of a search engine, mainly Google. SMO course in Coimbatore is riveted on learning how to tailor the message on social media platforms.

Best SMO Course

SMO Course Details

  • 12+ hours of live instruction
  • Class-room lectures
  • Advanced SEM course modules
  • Materials for the courses
  • Flexible timings for batches
  • 24/7 Support
  • Attend mock tests and daily assignments
  • One-to-one doubt sessions
  • Live Projects
  • 100% placement assistance

Advanced SMO Course Training In Coimbatore

Best Social Media Platforms

Social Media

Industry Recognized Best SMO Course Certification From UpStart Academy

UpStart Academy offers the SMO Course certificate after the completion of the course. The course is handled by experts with more than 10+ years of social media optimization experience. The duration of the course is about 2 weeks. The SMO course aims to teach students how to create a business page on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These can promote your business through social media channels and analytics.

Why To Learn SMO Course In Coimbatore

  • SMO (Social Media Optimization) helps in growth of an organization’s online presence by using social media networks.
  • From this course, the students will learn to create accounts for marketing campaigns, how to set access for admin, and how to enhance security.
  • The students will be taught how to include links connecting people to corporate videos.
  • A short, captivating corporate video runs less than 5 minutes. With the use of SMO, the students will be trained in developing videos that run less than 60 seconds by delivering adequate information. 
  • Our students will be aware of developing quality content by acknowledging what to be included, what not to be included, and the methods of structuring the content.
  • The course includes the technical ways of adding, liking or following competitors to develop conversation and to research more about the prevailing competitions online. 
Why To Learn SMO Course

Syllabus of SMO Course Training In Coimbatore

Module 1: SMO Introduction

What is SMO?
Why is SMO important?
What benefits does SMO provide?
SMO Key Terminologies
Key Factors in Social Media Optimization
Difference Between Profile, Page, Places, Groups

Module 2: Facebook Optimization

How To Optimize Your Facebook Business Page
Creating a Business page (Dos and Don’ts)
Facebook Pages (Creating, Managing, Retention)
Adding a CTA to Your Page
Difference Between a Facebook Profile and Page
Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions
Design Facebook Cover Page
Facebook Connect (Like, Share, Comment)
How to Optimize Facebook ads
Facebook metrics
Facebook Sponsored Stories
Facebook Places and check-ins
Facebook Insights Report
Latest Trends on Facebook

Module 3: Twitter Optimization

How To Optimize Your Twitter Profile?
Twitter Demographics
Twitter for Brand Building, Customer Engagement, Sales & Conversion
Twitter’s suggestions for who to follow
Twitter Conversion Tracking (Ads)
What are Twitter Lists?
How To Set up and Use Twitter lists?
How To Search for Tweets And users?
How to optimize Twitter Ads?
Latest Twitter Updates & Trends
Twitter analytics
Twitter Ads reporting

Module 4: YouTube Optimization

How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel?
How to Make Custom settings in videos?
Defining your goals, metrics, and budgets in YouTube
Sharing a YouTube Video
How to Rank YouTube Videos (YouTube SEO)?
How to Increase YouTube Subscribers?
YouTube Comments
How To manage your YouTube Account Settings?
Managing A YouTube Channel
How To Advertise on YouTube?
How to promote your YouTube Videos?

Module 5: LinkedIn Optimization

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn profile?
How To Create, Join or Leave a LinkedIn Group?
How To Search for a group on LinkedIn?
LinkedIn answers
LinkedIn events
LinkedIn messaging
LinkedIn Testimonials
How To Manage a LinkedIn Company Page?
How To Optimize LinkedIn Ads?
LinkedIn Reporting

Module 6: Instagram Optimization

How to Optimize your Instagram profile?
How To Optimize your Instagram Posts?
Instagram Page (Dos & Don’ts)
Instagram Connect (Like, Share, Comment)
How To Manage Instagram comments?
Instagram Pages (Creating, Managing, Retention)
Instagram Insights
Instagram Analytics
Instagram Story Ads
Instagram Places and check-ins
How To Optimize Instagram Ads?
Managing Instagram Ad Budgets & Bids
Instagram Ads Reporting
Instagram Updates
Latest trends on Instagram

Module 7: Pinterest Optimization

How to Optimize Your Pinterest Business Account?
How to Write the Best Pinterest Descriptions?
How To Optimize Images And Graphics For Pinterest?
Pinterest Size Guide
How To Organize Your Pinterest Boards?
Managing Pins and Boards
How to Embed a Pinterest Board on Your Website?
Pinterest Ad Specs
Pinterest analytics
Pinterest Ads Reporting
Pinterest WordPress Plugins
Pinterest Latest Updates

Key Features Of UpStart Academy SMO Course

Classroom Training


One-to-one Doubt Session

Complete Course Modules

Professional Certification

Professional Certification Course

Placement Opportunity

Placement Opportunity

Affordable Fee

Affordable Fee

Best Social Media Optimization Course In Coimbatore

UpStart Academy is the best training Institute for SMO Courses in Coimbatore. SMO is the process of using social media networks to make the organization’s presence more visible online. It also increases awareness of the product or service the business offers and helps to reach more audiences.

Best SMO Course in Coimbatore

Social Media Optimization’s scope is enormous; half of the world’s population (3.8 billion) is counting online. Some examples of SMO is the engagement on social media in terms of likes, comments, sharing, & embedding of a post on any social platform. The critical aspects of employing the best SMO for a company is to get Reputation, Authority, Engagement, and Leadership consistently for a long duration.

Social media has a wide range of tools & platforms which users can utilize. Training on SMO eases the work for students, so they are familiar with all the social media sites & platforms. Also, for businesses working to attain more revenue, our SMO processes can help grow their business by providing products or services essentially. 

Therefore, the foremost & the most obvious reason for applying SMO techniques is their importance to the SEO approaches. Let’s imagine that a company has a high-level online engagement on Twitter. Even though it does not guarantee a higher ranking on Google, integrating it with a good SEO strategy can enhance the results. In other words, a steadiness between SEO & SMO is vital for growth in Digital Marketing.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is an excellent choice for an individual or an organization to receive more brand awareness for the business, increase visibility online, optimize the site comprehensively, & promote products or services of the businesses online. This is the reason why it is a must for any company to make use of SMO services to ensure that the business doesn’t lag in terms of making the best benefits of the online world.

Strategies For Social Media Optimization

Brighten Your Bio’s

Potentially, your social media biography is one of the first things a visitor or a lead looks at when coming across your profile page. So, it’s essential to have it more polished. In your bio, you may also include a call to action (CTA) that encourages the visitors to click on the link to your site, online store, or a key landing page. 

Optimize UTM Links

SMO often uses links to direct visitors to a page where they continue to engage with the brand. This is done to drive traffic to your site, web content, or your landing pages. You can easily track your audience’s online behavior by integrating UTMs (Urchin Tracking Module) into your social media channels and posts.

Make Right Image Sizes

Ensure that all the images in your content appeal to be professional, sharp, and at the correct size. Make sure your online profile picture is an image of high-resolution that isn’t cropped, expresses your brand, and represents your business.

Post Sufficiently

Find your optimum social media posting schedule because it is essential to drive more audience engagement & conversations with your business. Make posts on Instagram 3-7 times weekly, on Facebook 1-2 times daily, on Twitter 1-5 tweets daily, and on LinkedIn 1-5 times daily. 

Include Tags To Your Posts

When your post on social media features other brands or customers, it’s best to tag them in your post. This earns you good niceness points and helps create a natural conversation or communication on your post.

Consistent Username​

Username across your social media speaks about who you are and is essential to how your brand comes across. So, it’s crucial to have a consistent username.

Audience Are The Top Priority

Spend time researching the demographics for optimizing your social media content for the right groups of people. Be specific on the targeted audience, and never go for a generalized idea on content.

Optimize Your Accounts

Be strategic, and you must contact your SEO team to check on the most important keywords for your business and incorporate them in your social media posts to boost your performance organically.

Review Strategies On Social Media

If you need in-depth information about your company’s performance on social media, use platforms that offer built-in analytics. This makes you aware of whether your social strategy is working or not. You can always use an A/B test on your social media optimization if you want to be ahead and check for the better working of the tactics comparatively. 

Timely Posting

Winning big on social media requires consistent content that not only excites your audience but must be posted at the right time to engage your audience. Use an online scheduling tool that notifies you of the best time to publish a feature. By this, you can have the advantage of posting social media content when your audience is online and engaging with what you’re posting.

Unique Headlines & Captions

Maintain your brand voice throughout your posts & captions to find an advantage between conversational and promotional. You can hire a copywriter or a social media expert to craft headlines and captions. Experiment with what language or words resonate the most with your audience. 

FAQ’s On SMO Courses In Coimbatore

You can learn 

  • Social Media Marketing on online platforms
  • Create an effective strategy for social media marketing
  • Develop strategies that can be integrated with social media marketing for businesses
  • Make appealing videos & ad graphics
  • Gain mastery over Social Media Advertising
  • Understand audience segmentation & creating campaigns

There is no restriction to learning this course. Graduates, Freshers, Business owners, IT professionals, Web developers, Marketing executives, and many others can learn this course from Upstart Academy.

For Advanced SMO training, Institutes in Coimbatore charge around  8k – 10k.

It might take 1-2 months for the students to have in-depth knowledge about the course. 

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