Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the method of promoting business using paid advertisements to appear on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). The first step of all online activities starts with a search, and by using SEM, you can bring more qualified and suitable traffic. UpStart Academy is the best place to learn SEM. After completing UpStart Academy‘s SEM course training, the students will be aware of marketing portfolios by creating a search engine marketing plan. We offer an industry-recognized professional certificate in SEM to highlight their learning. 

From UpStart Academy SEM course, the students will learn strategies to drive website traffic to their site, reach potential audience segments, construct brand awareness, and optimize their online presence. By the end of the training, our students can develop advertisements on PPC or paid search and create an analytics plan for digital marketing.

SEM Course

SEM Course Training Details

  • 12+ hours of live instruction
  • Class-room lectures
  • Advanced SEM course modules
  • Materials for the courses
  • Flexible timings for batches
  • 24/7 Support
  • Daily assignments
  • One-to-one doubt sessions
  • Live Projects
  • 100% placement assistance

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SEM Certification from UpStart Academy (Industry Recognized)

UpStart Academy in Coimbatore offers an SEM Course certificate that helps students get a job in a company. The SEM course modules are handled by experts with 10+ years of experience in the industry. The course duration is about one month. The advanced course module on SEM is explicitly designed for students to be competent in Google search campaigns, Analytics, and other campaigns. The certificate is offered after the student completes the assignments and projects.

What Can You Expect By Learning an SEM Course In Coimbatore?

  • About the aspects of Google AdWords program
  • Learn to choose the right keywords for advertising campaigns
  • Significance of the various keyword match types 
  • Be familiar with the model of the PPC auction 
  • Practice setting up the correct pricing for the ad campaigns 
  • Campaign structuring based on conversion factors
  • Analyze the outcome by using the right metrics
  • Producing dynamic ads and campaigns for split test 
  • Understanding of Google Display Network and conducting campaigns for video ads 
  • Acknowledging the principles & tactics for successful management of AdWords
  • Ways of getting better outcomes from Adwords campaigns
  • Gain access to the network of potential audience segment globally
  • To increase the search engine ranking and organic traffic
Google analytics
Google Ads
Mobile Friendly Test

Syllabus of SEM Course Training in Coimbatore

MODULE 1: Google Ads

Overview of Google Ads
Google Ads Terminology
Keyword match Types
Google Ads Account SetUp
How To Run Google Ads
Overview of Payment Methods
Google Ads Account Limits
Google Ads Updates
Targeting Methods

Module 2: Ad Groups

How to set up Ad Groups in Google Ads
Keyword Research for Ad Group
Keyword Match Types Overview
Google Ads Keyword Planner Tool
How to Set Up Campaign in Google Ads

Module 3: Types of Google Ads Campaigns

Search, Display, Video, Shopping, Mobile App
Google Ad Settings
Google Ads Bidding Strategies
How to set a Google Ads Budget
Ad Schedule: Start date, end date, ad scheduling
Ad delivery and Ad Rotation
Audience Targeting methods
Automated Targeting

Module 4: Search Ads Campaign

What is Google Search Ads?
Objectives of Search Ads Campaign
Bidding Strategies for Search Ads
Budget Settings in Search Ads
How to Choose The Right Keyword for Google Ads
Types of Google Search Ad Formats
Custom Search Ads

Module 5: Display Ads Campaign

What is Google Display Ads?
Objectives of Display Campaign
Bidding Strategies for Display ads
Budget Settings in Display Ads
Types of Ad Formats in Display Ads

Module 6: Video Ads Campaign

What are Google Video ads?
Importance of Video Ads Campaign
Setting a video Ad Campaign
Youtube Video Promotion methods
Bidding Strategies for Video ads
Type of YouTube ads

Module 7: Mobile App Ads Campaign

What is Google Mobile App Ads?
Objectives of Mobile App Ads
Bidding Strategies for Mobile App Ads
Budget Settings in Mobile App Ads
Audience Targeting Methods in Mobile App Ads
How to Upload Mobile App on Google Play Store?
How to Increase Mobile App Download?

Module 8: Shopping Campaign

What is Shopping Ads?
Objectives of Shopping Ads
How To Set up a Shopping Ads Campaign?
Google Merchant Centre Overview
Shopping campaign Bidding
How to Create Product groups?
Different types of Ad Formats

Module 9 : Conversion Tracking

Google ads conversion tracking
Terms to know
Why should you track conversions?
How to set up Google Ads conversion tracking?
Types of Google Ads conversions
Analyzing your conversion data
Google Ads reports

Best SEM Course Training At UpStart Academy

SEM is an Internet marketing form that involves promoting websites by enhancing the visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) & by conducting paid advertising campaigns. Even though SEM is more than just paid marketing, it’s often referred to as PPC or Pay-Per-Click marketing. This business model makes marketers spend each time when someone clicks on their ads. 

UpStart Academy is the Best SEM course Training Institute in Coimbatore. We aim to provide quality learning through interactive classroom sessions. We offer advanced course modules on SEM with live projects. Our trainers are experts in the industry with nearly 10+ years of industrial experience. We also provide course materials for students to encourage them to concentrate on individual learning.

This course teaches the students how to use Google AdWords effectively and what to do with ad campaigns. The course module is simple and understandable for everyone, even those new to the field. Our trainers are friendly and approachable 24/7 to students. They conduct practice tests and assign daily works to keep the students applying their theoretical knowledge. We also provide live projects and one-to-one doubt sessions for students so that they may have in-depth SEM knowledge. UpStart Academy aims to produce dynamic industry-ready SEM professionals.

Why UpStart Academy For SEM Course?

Classroom Training


One-to-one Doubt Session

Complete Course Modules

Professional Certification

Professional Certification Course

Placement Opportunity

Placement Opportunity

Affordable Fee

Affordable Fee

Overview Of SEM Course

SEM is a powerful tool for reaching new customers online by ranking sites above the organic results on SERPs, thereby improving business revenue. This course will help students to master keyword research, usage of AdWords tools & remarketing by providing real-time projects. The student can learn from the experts and clear the Google AdWords certification. The students will get an opportunity to work on live projects on SEM.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)  involves promoting any brand’s online presence via paid advertising on search engines. This SEM certification training course includes in-depth knowledge of the study of Google AdWords, PPC, how to build paid ad campaigns, optimizing & tracking the campaigns, and remarketing. Our students will gain live experience through projects for a better understanding of the requirements in the industry.

Digital Marketing Professionals, Analytics and Project Managers, Advertising, Business Personnel, and Entrepreneurs are actively looking for UpStart Academy’s best SEM Course training in Coimbatore. Organizations nowadays are active on the Google AdWords platform and we can expect more organizations to join the campaign. This increases opportunities for individuals who have the best training in PPC and owns a certification on Google AdWords.

What Will You Learn In The SEM Course in Coimbatore?

  • Importance of SEM & the benefits of online advertising compared to traditional advertising strategies
  • About Keywords, how to choose the right keywords and what customers search online
  • Types of keyword matches and its significance
  • Google AdWords, how it works, sections of AdWords and the best practices 
  • Bidding Strategy (CPC) & its types
  • The PPC ad campaigns and how to create a new ad campaign
  • Google ad & Display networks, advertising campaign types, AdWords Algorithm
  • Various aspects of targeted ad campaign, demographics, targeting the audience, creating dynamic ads with data feeds
  • Display Campaigns, comparison between display & search campaigns, creating text ads, Google Ad scheduling & Google Ad delivery
  • Extracting the right reports by Google AdWords &  key performance indicators(KPI)
  • Introduction to remarketing & remarketing setup campaigns 

Who Can Learn SEM Course In Coimbatore?

  • Digital Marketing Professionals
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
  • Graduates
  • Freshers &
  • Freelancers
  • College Students
  • Home Makers
  • Job Seekers
Who Can Learn SEM

Why should you learn a SEM Course?

Why should you learn a SEM Course

Search Engine Marketing, is an unglorified strategy in digital marketing. Whereas, other aspects like content or designs are notable by the audience. SEM, however, operates in the background to bring the contents to limelight, and makes sure it performs potentially. Therefore, digital marketing companies need efficient SEM analysts to provide the clients with the comprehensive strategies.

The world’s biggest advertising platform on the Internet is the Google AdWords that helps businesses to reach the target audience. SEM opens great opportunities for individuals who are trained in PPC and have the Google AdWords Certification. Our SEM Course training will help students get placed in reputed companies that apply SEM strategies.

Certification Course From Google Ads

Ads certification is a professional accreditation that is offered by Google to individuals who have proficient knowledge in the basic & advanced level of Google Ads. The 6 Google Ads certifications are:

  • Google Ads Search 
  • Google Ads Display 
  • Google Ads Video
  • Shopping ads
  • Google Ads Apps
  • Google Ads Measurement

UpStart provides training for students to get the noteworthy Google AdWords Certification which adds value to their resume. Our expert trainers are highly focused and equipped to make students clear this exam on Google. This certification will help the students to enter into MNCs after the course completion.

In this SEM training, the students will get ample opportunities to be involved in real-time projects related to SEM. Our trainers assign the students with assignments and projects in order to sharpen their knowledge on SEM.

At the end of this course, there will be a mock test that is similar to attending the Google Ads certification exam. This helps students to know about the pattern of the exams and rectify the mistakes even before taking the exam on Google. Also, the students will become more aware of the course and score high on the main tests.

UpStart Academy’s SEM Course Completion Certificate will be offered only when the student submits the assignments on projects and clears the mock test with 60% marks.

What Are The Importance Of SEM?

Basically, Search Engine Marketing is the process of  running ads on famous search engines, optimized according to the target audience. Since the business pays for these advertisements to show up they are also known as paid advertisements. As we are in the age of smart devices, people have access to search engines right under their fingertips. So, SEM has become a chief focal point when considering digital marketing training, as the most wanted skill required to raise brand awareness. Apart from these SEM is considered important because of the following reasons

  • Increases revenue
  • Diverse ad channels
  • Focused on Conversions
  • Increase awareness for brands
  • Provides clear understanding of Search intent
  • Perfect for mobile marketing
  • Excellent for local marketing
  • Brings in more quality leads
  • Good flexibility on campaigns
  • Generates instant results
  • Source of consistent traffic to websites
  • Easily accessible to even small businesses
  • Quick way to rank higher
  • Makes search ads work effectively
  • Gives more data about competitions

Strategies For Search Engine Marketing

For successful Search Engine Marketing strategies, you must create an effective SEM plan. Here we have addressed some points for creating strategies on SEM

  • Identify your target audience. Research can help you discover the audience segment who are about to visit your site
  • Establish your goals first. Focus on what is your target and by what means are you going to achieve the target
  • Make use of SEM tools. For example: Keyword analysis tool helps you to find the best keywords that work wonders on your business
  • Keep track of your keywords frequently and update it
  • Make new and informative content to the website and always aim to have an updated web design
  • Work on your link building strategies like building up blog links, forums and other sites because they can boost the search engine rankings
  • Look out of your websites, check for your competitors and generate unique videos on YouTube
  • Include articles about your websites in the submission sites and provide a link for your website along with the article
  • Reform your blog or RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds periodically

Advantages Of Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing has greatly revolutionized the way advertisements are targeted, granting many businesses to gain more online visibility & reach huge audience segments. Pay-per-click (PPC) is a beneficial strategy for any  businesses that need immediate results and showcase their presence online.

Here’s are some of the benefits of SEM:

  • Directly targets on the intent-driven segment of audiences 
  • Fast and easily manageable ads on search engines
  • High ranking on search engines quickly
  • Enhances the website traffic
  • Research on the competitor’s keyword
  • Precise ad campaigns by using negative keywords
  • Optimizes and measures your ad campaigns
  • Controlled spending on ads
  • Improves brand awareness
  • Pays only for a completed action by the viewers
  • Geographic location based targeting 
Advantages Of Search Engine Marketing

There’s no wonder that many people want to pursue a career on SEM, after looking at the benefits of search engine marketing. For anyone searching for the Search Engine Marketing Course in Coimbatore, UpStart Academy will be the best find for the SEO and SEM courses that are worth learning.

FAQ On SEM Courses Offered In Coimbatore

Our course training provides the students with in-depth knowledge on creating and managing paid advertisements, Google Ads, ways of developing ad campaigns, tracking , optimizing and monetizing those campaigns by industrial  practices. Our modules are updated in such a way that our students can clear the Google AdWords Certification.

During the course time, the students will be able to work practically on live projects and gain more knowledge about the particular course modules. They are assigned with projects that are in alignment with the current practices of the industry. Our trainers are experts with profound knowledge about the SEM strategies and are student-friendly. 

After the completion of the course and submission of the assignments, the students can get the course completion certificate from UpStart Academy. This makes them more competent enough to enter into reputed organizations. 

UpStart Academy provides 100% job assistance for students to get into IT/Non-It companies after the completion of the course. Also, the best performing students will be analyzed by our expert trainers and will be directly placed in our parent organization.

UpStart Academy currently offers class-room training which is made interactive by our expert trainers. We believe in a knowledge sharing environment making it easier for the students to understand the concepts better. Our trainers are currently working on the respective industries and are exposed to the industries best practices on SEM Digital Marketing.

We offer a 24/7 support system for students to avail the trainers. Also we conduct one-to-one doubt sessions so that the students can clear out their doubts about the topics. We provide the materials of the advanced course module for students to make them aware about the courses they learn. 

UpStart Academy offers the most updated, relevant, and live-projects as part of the SEM Course training program. This allows the students to implement what they learn in the course theoretically. UpStart Academy’s training methodology includes multiple projects to test the student’s skills and understanding thereby making them ready to face the industry.

After the course the students will gain more knowledge about working in the domains of e-commerce, marketing, networking, sales, insurance, health, banking etc,.

At the end of SEM Course training at UpStart Academy, the students will be prepared for working on projects, quizzes, and assignments given by the trainers. The students must score at least 60% of marks in the mock test, to be awarded with a UpStart Academy’s course completion certificate. This certificate is noteworthy for the students to be recruited in reputed organizations.

No, UpStart’s job assistance training program is to help students land on their dream job. It offers the opportunity to explore the student’s knowledge by competing in the industry and finding a well-paid job that matches the student’s profile. Anyhow, the student’s performance and skills will only be the deciding factors for being recruited by any company. Apart from this, the students who excel in performing the assignments and tests will be analyzed by the experts and will be recruited directly to our parent organization.

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