Best SMM (Social Media Marketing) Course

UpStart Academy is the best Social Media Marketing course training institute in Coimbatore. Our experts have nearly 10+ years of experience in the field. They are currently working in the respective domains of the industry. The students can use this as our trainers are well-equipped with the best industrial practices. We provide interactive class sessions for our students. Live projects are an added advantage for our students that helps them apply their knowledge practically. We offer advanced modules on all courses and provide the students with the course materials. We also support students 24/7 to make students clear their doubts from our trainers. We conduct a one-to-one doubt session with our trainers. Our course module gives insights about video view ads, traffic ads, brand awareness/reach ads, and lead generation ads.

Best SMM Course

Social Media Marketing Course Details

  • 12+ hours of live instruction
  • Class-room lectures
  • Advanced SMM course modules
  • Materials for the courses
  • Flexible timings for batches
  • 24/7 Support
  • Attend mock tests and daily assignments
  • One-to-one doubt sessions
  • Live Projects
  • 100% placement assistance

Best SMM Course Training In Coimbatore

UpStart Academy’s SMM Industry Recognized Course Certificate

UpStart Academy offers the Social Media Marketing Course certificate in Coimbatore. Experts instruct the course modules with 10+ years of social media marketing experience. The duration of the course is about one month. This SMM course helps students to be competent in creating Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Instagram ads, Quora ads, LinkedIn ads & Pinterest ads. These ads use analytics to promote business products or services through online channels. Our advanced social media marketing module will teach students how to improve traffic and leads, increase video views, create brand awareness, and conversion & how to enhance mobile ads.

Become A Master In Social Media Marketing

Why To Learn SMM Course In Coimbatore?

  • Social Media Marketing is the process of using social media channels to promote a service or a product.
  • The SMM course educates the students about the tools that get the most out of social media platforms to increase traffic.
  • The course gives students a complete understanding of current practices on how to take a relevant idea and optimize it for other platforms.
  • With the training, the students will know how to set up chat features on Facebook Page’s Messenger account to book appointments automatically with new leads.
  • Through the SMM training, the students will learn about half-hidden, specialized, & easy-to-miss features that directly benefit employers or clients.
  • At the end of the course, the students can organize a plan that gives quick results. It helps the students to get on track faster with the previous knowledge of our live projects.
  • SMM training courses focus on paid advertising techniques that apply the tools confidently to create effective campaigns that bring more profit to businesses.
  • After the training, the students will get up-to-date information that suits all platforms. This gives the best chances for driving results on every platform.
  • The students will learn how to track, monitor, and analyze the generated results.

SMM Training Syllabus In Coimbatore

Module 1: Introduction to Social Media

Introduction to Social Media
What is Social Media Marketing?
What is SMO?
Objectives of Social Media Marketing
Benefits of SMM
What is a Social media marketing strategy?
Why use Social media Marketing?
How To Create a Social Media Marketing strategy?
SMM Case Studies of Big Brands
How Social Media Impacts SEO?

Module 2: Facebook Marketing

What is Facebook marketing?
Creating a Facebook Business page
How to upload a Video on Facebook?
How to increase Facebook Fans?
How to Create Facebook marketing strategy (Calendar)?
Introduction To Facebook Page Management
Create a Facebook Fan Page
Facebook Insights
Create a Facebook Group
Facebook Status Updates

Module 3: Facebook Advertising

What is Facebook Advertising
What is Ad sets & Audience
How to Set Bidding & Budget
How to Design and Run Facebook ads
What is Facebook Ads manager?
How to Manage Facebook Ad Campaigns
What is Conversion Tracking?
What is Remarketing?
How to Create a Business Manager?
Overview of Advanced Facebook settings

Module 4: Twitter Marketing

Introduction to Microblogging and Twitter
What is Twitter Account?
Types of Twitter Accounts
How to Create a Twitter profile?
How To Customize Your Twitter Profile?
Tweets & Retweets
Types of Tweets
How to Tweet & Retweet?
How to Create a Twitter Remarketing Strategy?
How to use Twitter Hashtags?
How to Create and Use Trending Hashtags?
What is Engagement Metrics & Twitter Analytics?
How to Create Twitter Ads?

Module 5: YouTube Marketing

What is YouTube Marketing?
YouTube Video Marketing Statistics
How to Create a YouTube Channel
How to Customize Your YouTube Channel
Types of YouTube Videos
How to create YouTube Videos
YouTube Analytics
How to Increase YouTube Subscribers
How to use Playlists
YouTube Community Guidelines
What is YouTube Creator Studio
YouTube Analytics Report
YouTube Tools & Plugins

Module 6: LinkedIn Marketing

Introduction to LinkedIn
What is LinkedIn Marketing?
Benefits of LinkedIn Network
LinkedIn Profile creation
How to Customize Your LinkedIn Business Page
Company Page Vs Page
What are Skills and Endorsements
What are LinkedIn Recommendations
How to Create new connections
Overview of LinkedIn Groups
Types of Posts
Posting on LinkedIn
How to Search for Jobs on LinkedIn
LinkedIn Marketing Strategies
LinkedIn Advertising

Module 7: Instagram Marketing

What is Instagram Marketing?
Instagram statistics
How to Build Your Brand on Instagram?
Types of Instagram Profiles
How to Create an Instagram Account?
How To Create An Instagram Business Account?
How To Create an Instagram Page for Business?
Instagram content Strategy
Types of Instagram content
How to Create a Post on Instagram
Instagram stories, Reels & IGTV
Instagram Hashtags
Instagram Videos

Module 8: Pinterest Marketing

What is Pinterest Marketing?
Pinterest Interface Walkthrough
Pinterest Business Account Vs Personal Account
How to Create a Pinterest Account?
How to Create a Pinterest marketing Strategy?
Pinterest Pin vs Board
Types of Pins
Pin Creation
Overview of Pinterest Analytics
How to Create Pinterest Ads?

Module 9: Quora Marketing

Introduction to Quora Marketing
How to Create a Personal Quora Account?
How to Create a Quora Business Page?
How To engage on Quora?
Overview of Profile Setup Guidelines
How to Follow & Connect with Contacts
Quora Spaces
Quora Metrics To track
How to Answer questions as a business?
How to Write and publish Answers on Quora?
Quora Advertising Strategy
Types of Quora Campaigns
Objectives of Quora Campaigns
Quora Ads Reporting

SMM Course Highlights

Learn From Industry Experts

learn from industry experts

Practical Training

Live Projects

Daily Task

Daily Task



100% Job Assistance

100% Job Assistance

Best Social Media Marketing Course In Coimbatore

Social media marketing is a powerful digital marketing strategies that utilizes the power of social media networks to achieve the marketing & branding goals of a business. SMM requires a promising strategy with goals that can be measurable. It also demands profile maintenance and optimization, posting pictures, stories, videos & live videos that show the brand and attract audiences. In addition, you need to respond to comments, likes, and shares as it increases your reputation. It requires regular follow-up to engage followers, influencers, and customers to have a healthy brand community.

SMM includes paid ads on social media, where you have to pay for your business to appear primarily to users. By using the link in your profile, blog posts can link to the posts and your ads. Social media is a preferable channel for increasing traffic to your site, where visitors turn into your customers. Social Media platforms also provide direct & indirect lines of communication with the followers by which you can engage in networking, gather feedback, conduct discussions, & directly connect to the individuals.


What Is SMM Agencies?

An SMM agency is a company that creatively develops strategies & operates social media marketing campaigns for its clients. Social media marketing agencies collaborate with clients to integrate social media marketing strategies with their business goals & overall marketing strategies. They may help businesses to identify the best channels which enable the clients to reach out to their target markets. 

Strategies For Social Media Marketing:

A social media marketing strategy is a master plan for creating, posting, and engaging the audience with social media content. It encloses the guidelines for social content, campaigns, creative plans, & engagement strategies that can promote the business. It involves

  • Identifying the target audience
  • Initiate blogging
  • Focus on educational content
  • Concentrate on the crucial social channels
  • Develop an engaging schedule for guidance
  • Keep track of your results
  • Modify the tactics for your audience

Best Tools For Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing tools improve the quality of content, create & execute a profitable campaign, and measure and evaluate the results quickly. 

  • Social media analytics tools
  • Social media automation tools
  • Social media engagement tools
  • Social media listening tools
  • Social media monitoring tools
  • Social media scheduling tools
  • Facebook marketing tools
  • Instagram marketing tools
  • Twitter marketing tools

Advantages Of Social Media Marketing

Social networks are a significant part of marketing strategies. The benefits of social media are so comprehensive that without implementing this resource, you will miss out on an astounding marketing opportunity. About 90% of marketers claim that social media generates enormous business exposure, which is the main advantage of the networks. SMM is vital for success in marketing channels, and many marketers have realized the potential for business growth by using these platforms. According to an SMM Examiner, about 96% of marketers are currently participating in social media marketing because of the following benefits of SMM

  • It increases the brand awareness
  • Improves the inbound traffic
  • Better ranking on Search engine result pages
  • Greater conversion rates
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Build brand loyalty among customers
  • Constructive brand authority
  • Profitable and promotes your business
  • Better insights about the marketplace
  • Direct connectivity with the customers

Jobs In Social Media Marketing

Here’s a list of SMM job titles

  • Blogger
  • Brand manager
  • Creative director
  • Content curator
  • Content strategist
  • Copywriter
  • Data analyst
  • Digital project manager
  • Digital strategist
  • Marketing Associate
  • Social media community manager
  • Social media coordinator
  • Social media intern
  • Social media manager
  • Social media specialist
Jobs In SMM

FAQ’s About SMM Courses In Coimbatore

There are no restrictions and boundaries to learning this SMM course. Graduates, Freshers, Business owners, IT professionals, Web developers, Marketing executives, and many others can learn this course from UpStart Academy.

By taking the SMM course from UpStart Academy, you will learn 


  • To build a solid social media strategy
  • To set social goals
  • To use influencers in marketing
  • To create a content strategy & develop a social media content
  • To structure a social media team
  • To get most of the social media investments

It might take a month for the students to have in-depth knowledge about the course.

For Advanced SMM training, Institutes in Coimbatore charge around  8k – 10k.

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