Advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Course Training

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential part of Digital Marketing by which a website is optimized online to receive more traffic. It increases more customers through organic searches, gets more clicks, saves money, and improves the businesses’ return on investments (ROI). Through practical SEO training, you will know how to increase a website’s visibility online and drive traffic to your site. Upstart Academy offers students the best SEO training certificate after completing the course module. This helps the students to get placed in any reputed SEO organizations. Our expert trainers, who have nearly 10+ years of experience in the industry, teach the advanced SEO course modules.

Advance SEO Course

SEO Course Details

  • 36 hours of live instruction
  • Class-room lectures
  • Advanced SEO course modules
  • Materials for the courses
  • Flexible timings for batches
  • 24/7 Support
  • Attend mock tests and daily assignments
  • One-to-one doubt sessions
  • Live Projects
  • 100% placement assistance

Become An SEO Expert In 36Hrs

Become A Expert In SEO Tools

SEO Tools

SEO Certification from UpStart Academy (Industry Recognized)

UpStart Academy in Coimbatore offers an SEO Course certificate that helps students get a job in an SEO company. The SEO course modules are handled by experts with 10+ years of experience in the industry. The course duration is about one month. The advanced course module on SEO is explicitly designed for students to be competent in SEO, Analytics, and tools. The certificate is offered after the student completes the assignments and projects.

Why Should You Learn SEO Course?

  • Learning SEO can make your website more visible online
  • Improve your career chances of working with MNCs in the industry
  • It gives a competitive edge over your business competitors
  • It saves money as you don’t need a third party to look after your business 
  • SEO can drive traffic to your website, thereby increasing sales
  • It enables you to know the position of your website online
  • Enhances your business growth by targeting the right audience
  • Increases the value of your business effectively
  • Forecasting your business challenges
  • Understand the marketing trend and adapt to the environment
  • Helps manage a business efficiently from anywhere around the world
Search Engine Optimization

Syllabus of SEO Training in Coimbatore


What is marketing?
What is Digital marketing?
Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing
Benefits of Digital Marketing
Objective of Digital marketing
Areas of Digital Marketing
What is SEO?
What is SEM?
What is PPC?
What is Google AdWords?
What is SMO?
What is SMM?


What is Market Research?
Keyword Research and Analysis
Keyword Classification
Keyword Match Types
What is Keyword Volume and Keyword Difficulty?
How To Do Keyword Research
Tools For Keyword Research
Competitive Keyword Analysis
Localized Keyword Research
Choosing The Right Keywords


Introduction to SEO
Fundamentals of SEO
How do search engines work?
Search Engine Ranking Factors
SEO Friendly Web Design
SEO Keywords and Keyword Research
SEO Success Factors
SEO Metrics / SEO Key Terminology
How Does The Google Search Algorithm Work?


Google Search Algorithm Updates (Complete List)
Google Penalty
What is Google Penalty?
Common causes of Google Penalties
Types of Google Penalties
How To Recover From Google Penalty?


Creating a Simple Website for Your Business (Wix or WordPress)
Google Search Console (Formerly Google Webmaster Tools)
How To Add Your Website To Google Analytics
Website URL Parameters
How to remove URLs from the index


What Is On-Page SEO
Meta Data Optimization
URL File Name Optimization
Internal Linking
External Linking
Header Tags Optimization
Anchor Text Optimization
Website Footer Optimization
Image Optimization
SEO Content Optimization
Check for Plagiarism Content
Landing Page Optimization
No-Follow and Do-Follow


What Is Off-Page SEO?
Link Building Tips & Techniques
Why Is Off-Page SEO Important?
Link Building Techniques
Do’s & Don’ts in Link Building
Overview of advanced Link Building Techniques


What is crawling and indexing?
What is a WebSpider and Googlebot?
How To Check if your site is indexed in Google?
XML Sitemap
Duplicate content
Structured data
Site speed
Register your site with Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools
Robots. TXT
Google Analytics

What Is SEO Course Training In Coimbatore?

What Is SEO Course Training

Search Engine Optimization is termed SEO, and it is the process involved in improving the visibility of your sites when people look for services or products related to your business. If your website gains visibility, it is a sign that you can attract more prospective customers to your business.

SEO is an essential part of Digital Marketing and is the primary source of a website’s digital traffic. Hence it has become a most sought-after course in Digital Marketing by many aspirants. We at UpStart Academy provide practical hands-on SEO training with expert trainers at an economical cost. This makes UpStart Academy one of the best SEO training course institutes in Coimbatore.

The training is classroom based and has nearly 6-7 members in a batch. The students are given ample time to clear their doubts with the trainers. The students can infer knowledge about using SEO tools to increase website traffic from the courses. Our trainers are friendly and have more than 10+ years of experience in Digital Marketing. The duration of the SEO course training in Coimbatore is about one month.

Why To Improve SEO Factors?

The following SEO factors are considered the most vital part of the SEO techniques that can bring in more website viewers. UpStart Academy provides real-time training on optimizing these factors through our SEO training courses.

Off-Page SEO

  • Content of the page
  • URL and Heading tags
  • Title tag and Description tag
  • Image alt text tag

Off-Page SEO

  • Link building
  • Blogs
  • Article submission
  • PDF & PPT submission
  • Video and Image submission
  • Google My Business
  • Links
  • Citations
  • Reviews

Video SEO Factors

  • Tags and cards
  • Title & Description
  • Thumbnails
  • Hashtags

Why Should You Choose UpStart Academy?

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of the traffic to a website by the search engine guidelines. SEO generates more potential viewers by using organic searches. UpStart Academy brings the best Search Engine Optimization Courses in Coimbatore with practical and live classes. The trainers are experts in Digital Marketing. We also offer SEO course completion certificates for students at the end of the courses. UpStart Academy gives 100% placement assistance for students to get recruited by reputed companies in the field.

Learn From Industry Experts

learn from industry experts

100% Job Assistance

100% Job Assistance

Practical Training

Live Projects



Daily Task

Daily Task

Instructor Led SEO Training Courses In Coimbatore

UpStart provides the Best SEO training course at an affordable price in Coimbatore with 10+ years of industry experienced trainers. The students can get a thorough knowledge about the SEO courses in Coimbatore by learning from live projects. From the courses, our students will be able to do keyword research, fundamentals of SEO, optimization of content, title tag & page performance, etc.,


Instructor Led SEO Training

Types Of SEO

Search Engine Optimization improves the visibility of the page on the search engines for a keyword or a search phrase. It helps in increasing the traffic organically. There are 7 different types in SEO that can help the sites to rank higher on the search engines. 

White Hat SEO

  • Anchors your website in the SERPs
  • Building networks with online viewers
  • Easily adaptable strategies
  • Improves reputation
  • Provides good website ranking
  • Saves money and time

Black Hat SEO

  • Unethical SEO technique
  • Gives more result in a short duration of time
  • Not in track with the search engine’s guidelines
  • Possibilities of being banned from the search engines
  • Investing in meta description is an alternative to black hat seo
  • Keyword stuffing, cloaking and using private links are examples of this type

Gray Hat SEO

  • Paid reviews
  • Boundless content
  • Creative exchange of links
  • Usage of Clickbait
  • Provides temporary results

On-Page SEO

  • Boosts SEO rankings
  • Improves rate of crawling
  • Brings in local customers
  • Enhances website traffic
  • Builds awareness

Off-Page SEO

  • High SERPs
  • More referrals for domains 
  • Increases the website’s visibility
  • Higher link authority
  • Increases traffic

Technical SEO

  • Achieves better ranking
  • Enhances page speed
  • Eliminates the duplicate contents
  • Sets up a structured data
  • Locates site’s structure issues

Best Digital Marketing SEO Course in Coimbatore

Best Digital Marketing SEO Course

Grow Your Career With

Upstart Academy

Digital Marketing Institute In Coimbatore

Search Engine Optimization is more crucial for business as it increases the visibility of the site and enhances traffic. Also, it creates opportunities to convert prospects to potential customers. An SEO will have a significant place in a Digital Marketing career. It is essential so that the written content has the maximum clarity.

There are great demands for professionals who can better understand social media marketing, create quality content, analyze competitions, mobile searches and Web analytics. A certification is the easiest way to add the SEO skills in your skillset. The Advanced SEO certification by Upstart Academy will focus on keyword research, link building, on-page optimization, content marketing, web analytics and the live projects on SEO. After the completion, the students will get a course completion certificate from Upstart Academy. 

It may not concern whether you are a novice or an expert in digital marketing, you will need an SEO skill set to increase your credibility to your employer. This makes you more adaptable to the current requirements for a digital marketer. Even though there are new markets opening up on a daily basis, Google and SEO will always remain crucial for a business.

How To Get Higher Ranks For Your Website On Search Pages?

With so many potential competitions around the globe, it is not going to be an easy task to be ranked on the first page of Google. But fortunately, there are many SEO strategies that can be used to rank higher on search pages irrespective of your business status. 

Keyword Optimization

Long before webmasters increased the site rankings on Google by focusing more on keyword stuffing in every content. But this not only significantly affects the page’s grade but affects the site’s ability to rank higher. This is because of the fact that Google grants high rankings to websites that are useful to the customers. Therefore keywords must look natural on your page and that may help to increase your website’s ranking.

Make Accessible Website Crawler

Search engines crawl on your contents to categorize your site. If it is blocked, then it becomes impossible for the site to show up on a search page. In order to avoid this, you can use a meta robot tag that allows crawling.  You should also focus on improving the reputation of your site externally. Different links can have different weights on ranking but impacts your domain authority positively. 

Create Contents That Are User-Friendly

Contents that are easy to understand and reliable are most likely to be ranked higher on the search engine. The user experience on your website is what search engines evaluate while determining the search engine page rankings. 

Link Building To Authoritative Sites

If you are able to get large authoritative domain links to your site then you are closer to being ranked on the Google first page. You can make use of link building tools for checking in your competitor’s profile backlinks. If any domain is willing to connect to any of your competitors then they are most likely to link to your websites too.

Opt For Guest Blogs With Backlinks

Guest blogging is more identical with link building. Before you want success with this technique, make sure you write quality content. You are allowed to place a link to your website on one of any webmaster’s pages. In return they receive well-organized, researched and reliable content. 

UpStart Academy’s Trainer Profile

Our trainers are student-friendly and aim to create live classes encouraging students to bring themselves out. They give complete guidance about the concepts and assign the students with projects. Students are given 24/7 support from our trainers to clear their queries about any concepts. The specialties of our expert trainers are,

  • 10+ years of Industrial experience in Digital Marketing
  • Have trained 100+ students 
  • Technically Strong and updated with the current trends in the industry. 
  • Highly Certified professionals
  • Has good practical knowledge of Digital Marketing
  • Our trainers are currently working in MNCs
  • Give support to Google and other certification regarding Digital Marketing
  • Up-to-date on industrial exposure and practices.
  • Connected with recruiting HRs in IT/MNC companies.

We provide helpful career support and guidance for students to get into MNCs. Upstart Academy Digital Marketing Course Completion Certificate is noteworthy for students to get placed in their dream job and also enhances your value. This certificate will be issued only after completing the course and live projects successfully. 

Potential of SEO in Digital Marketing

SEO is adopted by businesses to create brand awareness, increase revenue and expand the boundaries of the target audiences. There are other significant effects of SEO on business, and we have listed them below.

  • Boosts reputation
  • Cost-saving
  • Supports Content Marketing
  • Maximized Pay-Per-Click campaigns
  • It gives a competitive advantage
  • Reach more audiences
  • Better ranking in local searches
  • Improves the site’s utility
  • Measure results in quantity
  • Enhances rate of user engagement

SEO benefits businesses can be in the above ways, which is why companies are looking for dynamic SEO digital marketers. UpStart Academy‘s certification aims to produce quality SEO education among students. 

Potential of SEO

FAQ’s On SEO Course In Coimbatore

SEO, in simple terms, is Search Engine Optimization, a set of methods done to enhance the visibility and increase the position of the website in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) organically.

Training on SEO helps you learn how to increase a site’s online visibility & traffic. More website traffic drives more sales potential. SEO is a specialty, but each job type in digital marketing requires specific SEO knowledge. 

Drastically, nowadays professionals & businesses are looking to raise their digital marketing standards. Marketers need sharp SEO skills to become better candidates and increase business values. Businesses invest more to adapt SEO to compete in the search results & drive more income from it.

That’s the importance of having SEO training in Coimbatore. Upstart Academy best Digital Marketing training course in Coimbatore educates students to organize the havoc, filter fake information & inform in time.

UpStart Academy’s SEO Training conducts courses on complete Internet Marketing. Here the students are taught about the functions of Search Engines & all other Marketing aspects by personalized mentoring. This learning is anchored by practical and live training for students on projects. Various study methodologies have been shaped to fulfill the needs of students.

Graduates from any stream can take SEO courses in Coimbatore, and people trying to take up a career in SEO can learn the course from UpStart Academy. 

We also train

  • Students
  • Job seeking freshers
  • IT professionals
  • Career switchers
  • Sales/ Marketing executives
  • Homemakers
  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Inbound marketers
  • Search engine marketers
  • Content writers
  • App developers

SEO is a sought-after course in Digital Marketing as it offers ample job opportunities for candidates. A person who completes the course can start a career at an entry level as an SEO trainee or a Junior SEO Executive. 

SEO is growing popular in India, and the need for a  well-trained SEO specialist is in demand. Every business owns a website and is ready to spend on SEO to be ranked higher in Google to increase its visibility.

After gaining more experience at the entry level, you can move on to SEO Executive, Senior SEO executive, and SEO Specialist.

  • Establish optimization strategies to increase the company’s ranking results on search engines
  • Conduct research on SEO keywords for usage in the company’s website & marketing methods
  • Set up measurable goals to demonstrate improvements in marketing efforts
  • Monitor metrics on the daily performance to understand the SEO strategies 
  • Effective communication with other marketing teams to align the goals of the business
  • Collaborate within the marketing departments to manage SEO strategy
  • Write high-quality site content, including page descriptions & blog posts 
  • Update the written content & website links to optimize the search engine rankings
  • 2-3 years of industrial experience in developing & executing SEO campaigns successfully 
  • Good understanding of the algorithms of search engines and ranking methods
  • Experience in SEO industry programs like Google Analytics & Adobe Analytics
  • Sound knowledge of keyword research and the tools for data mining 
  • Capable of completing competitive analysis of competitors within the industry
  • Excellent communication skills in both written & verbal 
  • Comfortable in analyzing high volumes of data regularly
  • Familiar with WordPress and other content marketing management systems

SEO Executive → SEO Specialist → SEO Manager → SEO Senior Manager

For an Entry-level SEO Specialist: (with less than 1 year experience) 

Average annual pay of ₹192,887

For an Early career SEO Specialist: (with 1-4 years of experience) 

Average annual pay of ₹261,539 

For a mid-career SEO Specialist: (with 5-9 years of experience) 

Average annual pay of ₹468,516 

For an experienced SEO Specialist: (with 10-19 years of experience) 

Average annual pay of ₹500,000

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